Sharmila Gurjar, one of the rare Indian women exploring textile design, was trained at the renowned Mumbai Sir J. J. School of Art, and specialized in natural dyes and printing. Award winner in textile design, she started her career as a free-lancer and jewellery designer. She then joined the Rajasthan University of Banasthali as teacher, a function which she still holds today. Simultaneously to her academic activities, she developed numerous new techniques, and reinvented traditional styles, notably the old Namda style of Rajasthan, innovations which were integrated in the university’s curriculum. Her expertise benefited and still benefits many NGOs and universities, and she readily undertakes various projects on natural dyes. She also publishes, and constantly explores new avenues to perfect her knowledge and share experience with students and professionals. She is in addition a board member of several colleges and consultant for Julaha.


Megshyam Gurjar, textile designer and weaving specialist, was trained at the Mumbai Sir J. J. School of Arts. His talent in weaving spurred a prompt recognition with a first award at the school’s 1984 annual exhibition and various mandates as textile designer. Motivated by his will to share his passion, he opted for teaching at the Rajasthan University of Banasthali four years later. Under his impulse and in collaboration with other faculty members, notably his wife, Sharmila Gurjar, the university’s syllabus was reviewed to better match the requirements of the profession. Expert in Computer Aided Design (CAD), he regularly sets up new courses, and also conducts various trainings and workshops for other organizations, including governmental agencies. He was also associated with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to train grass roots weavers and designers. He is currently pursuing his career as teacher and is a consultant for Julaha.