The following families are today benefiting from JULAHA’s action in Varanasi:

  1. Kasim Ali, 20 years, and his family. Kasim is literate with a weaving experience of 8 years. He owns two looms with jacquard attachments and is skilled in both jacquard and traditional Zala techniques; he is specialized in brocade weaving. His widowed mother, Halima Khatum, 40 years, depends on him and helps in spinning, winding and weaving. Kasim has an elder brother, Ramis, 24 years, who also weaves and has a working experience of 10 years.
  2. The family of Mobin Ahmed, 31 years, his wife, Musrat, 26 years, and two children, a 6 years old boy who goes to school and a one and half year daughter, the father and two brothers, namely Mohid, 28 years, and Mukesh, 20 years. Mobin is literate; he has 22 years of working experience and has completed a short term course in Corel draw. He owns two looms with jacquard attachments and is a skilled graph maker, who also designs for others; he is knowledgeable in Zala technique. Musrat winds, spins and also helps on the looms. Both brothers, Mohid and Mukesh, also weave and cumulate a working experience of 20 years. They are skilled in brocade weaving and work on other looms to make a living. Mohid , and likewise Mobin, have completed a Corel draw course. Their father, aged 69 years, namely Quaree Mohamad Haneef, has been a brocade designer and graph maker, and is acquainted with the jacquard technique.
  3. Mohammad Muslim, 65 years, and his family, which includes his wife, namely Hammida Tayaba, 45 years, and five children (four sons and one daughter). Both parents are literate and Mohammad has specialized in commerce. Mohammad has 45 years of experience in weaving. He owns four looms with jacquard attachments and is skilled in Jacquard and Zala techniques. Hammida helps in winding and spinning, and on the looms. All children are literate and three of the sons are weavers, namely, Shamshumani, 23 years, Owais Qarni, 20 years, and Alzar Kazim, 18 years. They have working experiences of respectively nine, nine and five years, and are all skilled in Zala and jacquard techniques. The youngest son, Irfan Hamdani, 13 years old, studies, likewise his sister, Sairo Baro, 14 years.
  4. Shabbir Husen, 31 years, and wife, Hadisa Khatun, 27 years, have a son of 5 years and two daughters of respectively 3 and 2 years. Shabbir didn’t go to school, but can read Urdu and Hindi. He has one handloom with jacquard attachment and weaves since 18 years. He is very skilled in Zala and jacquard techniques. Hadisa is illiterate and helps in winding and spinning, as well as on the loom.
  5. Tanku Chouhan, 32 years, and his wife, Laximi Devi, 28 years, have three children, two sons, Chandan and Kishan, of respectively 12 and two and a half years, and a daughter, Kadani, 9 years.
  6. Chotu Chouhan, 26 years, and his wife, Asha Devi, 24 years, have two sons, Chandan, 8 years old, Jishan, two and a half years old, and a daughter of 4 years old, Candani. Chotu and Asha are literate, and Chandan goes to school. Chotu is skilled in Jardoshi embroidery and has 12 years working experience.